Jaworski’s Meats flavored burgers are made in-house daily and sell out fast. We are known for our custom spice blends and unique flavor combos with a taste that is both addicting and nutritionally rewarding. Grass-fed ground chuck, elk, and bison are among some of the many types of burgers available. We are always experimenting with flavors, and we’re bound to have more than what is offered here.

Pro-Tip: Fri & Sat are the best days to order!

Available Flavors:

  • Asiago – A personal employee favorite 
  • Bacon Onion – Big chunks of onion and bacon 
  • Cajun Blue Cheese – You’ll sing the blues when it’s gone 
  • Dirty Burger – Infused with the black nugget marinade
  • Gyro – Ground chuck with gyro spices. Great with Tzatziki sauce!
  • Jalapeno – This one is for the heat freak 
  • Kielbasa – Fresh Polish kielbasa without the casing
  • Mesquite – Full smokey flavor that won’t give you Malaria 
  • Mushroom and Swiss – Not THOSE kind of mushrooms
  • Steak with Cheddar Cheese Unreal with cheese
  • Steak – Jaworski’s biggest seller (Put it on the Underhill’s tab!)
  • Sweet Onion – Caramelized sweet onion deliciousness 
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