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In 1935, Fred Jaworski stood behind the counter of his small meat stand in the old Newburg Market. Jaworski Meats was born, another ethnic market amongst the dozens in Slavic Village. But through the years, his modest meat stand became the Grande Dame of the Polish meat market Cleveland Ohio. Its success is a product of Fred’s most important ingredients: hard work, dedication to his customers and, of course, family. Fred’s wife Dorothy and their son Mark quickly became integral parts to Jaworski Meats and have worked there for as long as they can remember. The market has always been regarded as a part of our family. Three generations of nephews, sons and daughters have worked within the venerable walls of Jaworski Meats.

Dorothy Jaworski | Jaworski Meats

Dorothy Jaworski 1926 – 2019

About Jaworski Meats Fred Jaworski

Fred Jaworski

Fred wore his unmistakable paper butcher hat for the final time when he passed away in March of 1996. To the community, Fred was known simply as “The Kielbasa King.” To his family, he was a husband, a father and a papa. Today Jaworski Meats is owned and operated by Mark Jaworski, the “Kielbasa Kid.” Mark continues to operate under his father’s principles and our establishment is more than proud to meat the needs of the greater Cleveland community, continuing the family tradition. Dorothy Jaworski, aka “The Kielbasa Queen,” worked alongside the crew well into her 90’s until she passed in 2019. 

Receiving multiple deliveries a week, all of our meat is fresh— steaks, ribs, chops, chicken, cold cuts, cheeses. You name it. All of our specialties are homemade— kielbasa, sausages, smokies, Czernina, stuffed cabbage, pierogi and even Kiszka. Check out our lunch menu, backed by a deli counter full of more than just the standard fare. Our homemade roast beef, roast pork, and kielbasa loaf are second to none. Or try the daily lunch special— homemade soups and unique sandwich creations. And who knows what else you will find— Mark is always tucked away in the back, tending to ovens and stoves, synthesizing flavors and creating new tastes that redefine the idea of food.

But we pride ourselves on more than just food. We offer a shopping experience you won’t find in any grocery store. Our walls proudly display photographs and tools of the Polish culture. We’ll cut your meat to order, right in front of you. And we still use white butcher paper. On Saturday’s, you’ll hear the unmistakable sound of the old squeeze-box in stereo. But don’t be surprised if you hear a little Neil Young, too. Talk Browns, Indians, Buckeyes and Cavs with Mark and Adam. But keep quiet if you are a Steelers, Red Sox or Michigan fan. You might ‘accidently’ get a thumb on the scale. We do our best to make sure folks leave our store with a smile. At Jaworski’s, we don’t just run a business. There is a difference. To us, our market is a way of life, a reflection of the proud dedication of the Jaworski name.

So stop in, say “Hi.” We’ll be happy to cut you a nice two-inch steak, right off the loin. But please, don’t ask us for a vegetarian meal.

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